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"J'adore mon panier!" - Sammy
("I adore my basket!")  
Sammy (18 lb) is enjoying his Large European Basket in Paris
Lance Armstrong at the Susan Komen's "Ride for the Cure" in Aspen, Co. Lance signed this bicycle for an auction that included Cynthia's Twigs™ Medium Back-Rack Basket and Liner!!!! The money was donated to the Susan Komen Cancer Fund.
Jennifer C. with Molly (20 lb.) in her Extra Large European Basket
Hi Cynthia,
It has been about 3-4 years since I bought my basket from you.  I just love it!  It is holding up well.  I bought it for my miniature dachshund Frankie.  She took to it quite easily and loves to go for rides.  In fact, she can hear when I get my bike out and she starts to whimper to make sure I don't forget to take her along!

Alot has happened to Frankie since I got her the bike basket.  She became paralyzed in 2006 and now has her own set of wheels and is in a dog cart.  So my bike with her basket is now considered her "other set of wheels."  :)  I went on to write a children's book about Frankie's story and it is doing quite well.  Frankie is touching many lives.  My bike, with Frankie in the basket is pictured in my children's book quite often.  I'd love to send you some photos of Frankie in her bike if you'd like  to see.  I didn't want to attach them without first getting your permission.

I tell people when I can about your bike baskets and how sturdy and great they are.  Hope your business continues to do well!
PS:  I'm going to add a link of your website onto my website cause I think the basket is such a great thing!
Barbara T.
Author of "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog"

Because of your baskets, my daughter and her faithful friend are even more inseparable than they 
were before!
Thank you,
Alice R.

Thanks for the great basket!

-Virena H.

Tiffany B. with Inga (21.5 lbs) in her Extra Large European Basket
Hi Cynthia,
I purchased your Large Basket, Liner and Harness for my Australian Terrier. She took about two times getting into it to become comfortable. She weighs 21 lbs and is 11.5 inches long which is an almost snug fit. The Harness is a must, but I us it as a "stay-put" since she is a Terrier. This means I attach it to one side of the basket put the cord through the collar loop and then clip it to the other side of the basket.
The basket is a real comfort not only to her, but I'm comfortable with it because it is so well made and rugged that I don't worry about her breaking it. I put a small kennel pad from West Paw design in the bottom of the basket so she has a soft matt to sit on, which works well when the road is bumpy.
Your basket gave us the new "Companion Outing" that I was looking for - that is safe and fun for my "Aussie".

Barry K.
Santa Barbara, Ca
Chester enjoying his basket while on a bike ride in Vermont
Piggy (15lb) in Large European Basket

Piggy loves her new ride!  Such a fun way to sniff new smells! 

-Nicci M.

Nemo (7.3 lb) Enjoying his Basket

Hello Cynthia,

I feel so 'european' when I'm riding - love it! Evereryone thinks Nemo looks like Toto from Wizard of OZ.

Hope all is well!

Priscilla O.
Cape Cod, MA

I just wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the lovely basket.  My Cairn terrier Dempsey and I have enjoyed it so much!  I love the colors you picked out and the ribbons; it’s too cute!  We get so many stares and people just passing us and smiling.  D loves being able to check everything out while riding in style in his basket.  
Thanks again, and have a nice day!
-Kelly D.

Barklee and Teddy love their new basket!  Thanks so much.

-Michelle A.

Juana G. and Chicky her 5 lb. Poodle

I was afraid Chicky would be afraid to ride in his new basket as he is a little nervous about new things.  He loves to ride so much that every time I walk in the door from work he runs to the bicycle! He is my new exercise partner.

Thank you so much for a great product!

-Juana G.

I love, love, love your basket and am thrilled that I can take Pittypat out with us.

-Lynne G.

Hi Cynthia,

Thought I'd share this video with you. My Smooth Fox Terrier, Mimi, has been accompanying me to work, and you can see how much she loves the ride. Thanks for the great basket, and Mimi thanks you too! 

-Mary Lynn M.

Hi Cynthia,
I checked out your facebook page and wanted to send you the pictures of 
Cosmo in his basket--two by himself and one with me and my fiance, Carlos. 
Btw, Cosmo loves the basket and props 
himself up and sits with 2 paws on the edge of the basket while we ride! 
We've also gotten a lot of great compliments on the basket and have passed 
on your info!
Anna W.

Hi Cynthia,
Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my European market bike 
basket.  The liner and pillow print is PERFECT!

-Susan M.

Spanky (8 lb) and Zoe (11lb)

Hi Cynthia,
I received the basket yesterday.  It's beautiful!! I used a grip shelf liner between the basket and the rack, so there's no sliding or slipping at all.  I also get the added benefit of preserving the paint on the rack, which is painted the same as the rest of the bike: pearlized white.
Needless to say, I immediately attached it to the bike rack and took the pups out for a test run last night.  The pups took to it IMMEDIATELY.  They absolutely loved it!  However, I can only carry one pup at time.  Just as well.  Spanky already claimed the basket as his, so he'd give Zoe a hard time if they were in it together.
Now that I have it, I'm going to ride to Doggie Avenue so they can see the basket and pup on the bike.  Thanks for the business cards.  Whenever you get a chance, please mail at least 5 more.
Rosana M.

Bailey (22lb) Enjoying his Basket (Up Close Look)

Bailey (22lb) Enjoying his Basket (View of Entire Bike)
Hi Cynthia,

Agatha and I are on the road in Benicia, CA. I must say that attaching the rack to an area near the seat post on my electric bicycle was a challenge but I worked it out by creating a "U" bracket out of rain gutter strapping, drilling holes, and basic perspiration - inspiration.  
I was so excited about getting it set up, that we stopped by our local paper and they kindly snapped some pictures . .who knows, we may be 'above the fold.'

Thanks for selling this great product.  Oh yes, everyone loves the coral polka dot cushion too!

Best wishes,

Constance B.
Healy (35+ lb.) and Yvonne
I wanted to send you these pictures of Healy and I tonight - I am so proud. He rides so well!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you. It has made my summer to be able to go further (so he can ride when he gets too tired!!!). I am very grateful for the basket and for you being on line and sending it so professionally etc. Love the PILLOW!! Good advice to get it.

Have a great summer.

Hi Cynthia,

Attached are two pictures of our Buster in your Basket. It works just perfectly and we've been on a number of test rides. My wife took these pictures yesterday. I've given your card to a couple who would like their pooch to go on bike rides with them...like us...send me more of your business cards if you can.


Roger D.
We've received many compliments.  The basket is a hit in downtown Milwaukee for the summer season so far and it just started. Here's a quick peak using my cell phone camera.    

-Will K.
My husband and I had purchased a soft bike carry all for our dog which cost about the same as Cynthia's baskets. We were not thrilled when we received this product. It seemed to have no real support and did not come with a tether.We used it the first time when we went camping and it was a disaster!  It did not feel stable enough and since there was no tether my husband put a leash on Lily and held it with one hand and steered the bike with the other! Needless to say, Lily felt very ill at ease and jumped out!! I thought she would choke to death due to the leash and my husband had to swerve to avoid her!! We were so upset and never used this again! While at the campground we ran into a couple who had these great baskets with their dogs in them. We asked where they purchased them and we're told Cynthia's Twigs. They raved about them and my husband and I were impressed. We are going camping again and just ordered one for our Lily! We talked to Cynthia who was extremely helpful and so pleasant to chat with about choosing the correct basket and accessories. We know we will love the security and peace of mind this well made product will provide for us.


Ellie and Sal P.
Dear Cynthia,
Can I just say, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Extra Large basket and cushion!!!!  :)  It is fabulous!!!  The color of the cushion and quality of both.....PHENOM!
I have to say, though, the thing that touched me most was your willingness to spend time talking with me about what type would work best for me.  And your patience in explaining the process of attaching the basket to the bike.  How kind you are to even explain the fabrics!  Goodness!  You certainly go above and beyond in customer service and that was BEFORE I'd made the purchase!!!
I was also amazed at how quickly my order arrived.  My postman even commented on it when he brought it!
You can rest assured I'll be singing your praises and recommending you to EVERYONE!
Thank you soooo much!
Rhonda G.
Pella, IA
"I love biking, now more than ever. I just recently purchased one of Cynthia's Twigs European Market Baskets primary to carry my 18 pound West Highland Terrier, Sugar Cookie! It is perfect in every way and fits right on the handle bars securely with a brace on my pink Schwinn cruiser and Sugar Cookie is safe and secure. Cynthia customizes the basket with a liner of your choice and a pillow and will help you out with choosing the right design with you in mind. A dog harness completes this already perfect way to ride with your pooch! I have never had such a stress free shopping experience as I have with Cynthia. What a joy it has been talking with her. No one ever took the time she did with me when deciding on purchasing a new product. No sooner did I get off the phone with Cynthia, but much to my surprise, right on time in two days my beautiful basket was delivered as promised right to my door step in perfect condition! I literally took it out of the box and placed it on the handle bars of my bicycle and away Cookie and I went on our first bike ride together. I haven't stopped smiling! What a wonderful gift. I found this magnificent basket at www.cynthiastwigs.com. You can contact Cynthia at ctwigs@gmail.com or by phone at 1-828-684-2221 and mention you were referred by the Jersey Westie, Sugar Cookie! You won't be disappointed and neither will your pooch!"

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