This page contains answers to common questions I get from my basket customers.  I've broken them down into three sections:  About me, about the baskets, and about dogs riding in the baskets.  I've listed the questions at the top of this page; you can click on them to go directly to the answer, or scroll down to see all the questions.

Cynthia's Twigs:  About Me
Fitting the Basket On
Riding With Dogs
Completing Your Purchase

Cynthia’s Twigs: About Me

Why should I buy my bicycle basket from Cynthia’s Twigs?
The baskets are personally designed by me to be used on American style bicycles.  I have been selling to individuals and the bike industry for over eighteen years and have the highest quality bicycle baskets on the market.

Do you offer a warranty on your baskets?
Yes, if for any reason you are displeased with the quality of my basket or their accessories, guaranteeing your satisfaction with performance and quality.

If my dog refuses to ride, or is too nervous, can I return it?
Absolutely. Please refer to "How to Train Your Dog to Ride".

I have an American basket from 1995 and need to replace the straps.  Do you sell American leather-like straps separately?
Yes, they are $5.00 per set.

Are your bicycle baskets just for dogs?
No.  Lots of customers use them for school, grocery shopping, etc.  They’re looking for a heavy-duty, strong bicycle basket to carry their heavier items.

What sort of accessories do you recommend with your baskets?
That depends on what you want to use your basket for!  If you plan to go bicycling with your dog, I offer pillows, harnesses, and liners.  Since the basket lifts off the bicycle easily, you may want to use your basket for grocery shopping, picnicking, and other things.  The beautiful liners are also nice to use when carrying your basket out and about.

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Fitting the Basket On

I’m a student and I’m afraid if I leave my bicycle basket out, it will be stolen.  Can it be stolen easily?
The European bicycle basket has a handle that you simply lift off and carry into the store or your class.  The American basket is attached with buckles and is not as easily removed.  For an extra measure of safety, you can use a zip tie to weave through the basket and through the headtube of the bicycle.

What is your brace for? 
The brace is a metal support that fits on the back side of the basket to help support the basket if the basket does not fit well or if your dog is over 15 pounds.  It helps to distribute the dog’s weight, or the weight of whatever you’re carrying, keeping steering from becoming a problem.

I do not have a rack on the back of my bicycle, but I want to buy a back-rack basket. How does it fit?
You will need a longer-than-normal (16+ inches) back rack as the basket is 19” long.  If you do not have a longer back rack to mount your basket, I have them available for $32.95.  The large Back-Rack Basket (12" long) will mount on most standard racks. You do not need my rack for the large basket.

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Riding With Dogs

What basket can I buy for my dog?
Small European Basket:  Suitable for up to 3 pound dogs (however, this does require a brace)
Medium  European Basket:  Up to 10 pound dogs
Large European Basket:  10-20 pound dogs
Extra Large European Basket:  Can fit up to 15 pounds; can also fit two dogs who are very small.

Can my dog see out of the basket?
Most dogs ride with their haunches on the bottom of the basket and front paws on the front of the basket to see out.  Because of the depth of the European basket there is no fear that the dog will fall out.

How can I teach my dog to ride in the basket?
It's easy!  See my "how to train your dog to ride" page for instructions.

Do you have a mesh wire top to hold the dog in?
No, I prefer to use my basket harness to hold the dog in.  I, as well as customers, have found it much simpler to put the dog in and out with one hand.  It’s very difficult to unfasten a lid and remove the dog while holding up the bicycle.

Will your harness fit my dog?
My harness is a basket harness.  It simply fits across the top of the basket.  The harness is used in conjunction with your dog collar or harness, so it does not fit around his body.

My dog only weighs 3 ½ pounds.  Can’t I buy the Small European basket?
No, because the Small European basket does not fit well on an adult bike; It is designed more for a child’s bicycle.  It is possible for you to carry your small dog in the American basket.  However, my harness will not fit that basket, nor will the pillow.

Is there a basket large enough for two small dogs? How would I use the harness to secure both dogs?
The Extra Large European basket is large enough to accommodate two small dogs (e.g. Two small Chihuahuas) as long as their combined weights is not over 25 pounds. You will only need one harness to secure both dogs in the Extra-Large European Market Basket. 

The Extra-Large Back-Rack Basket is ideal for carrying two small dogs. You will need two harnesses to secure the dogs in the baskets. 

A harness is used to strap dogs into their basket. The straight strap fits across the top of the basket and attaches on both sides. To secure two dogs simply pass the harness between the first dog's collar and his/her neck then take it to the second dog and do the same thing. Both ends of the strap are connected to the basket on both sides. Visit Cynthia's Twigs'™ homepage to watch a video on how to secure your dog in the basket.

What accessories do you recommend for a toy breed dog?
For the more delicate breeds, pillows offer a measure of comfort as the constant vibration of riding can be bothersome to the dog.

I have a Jack Russell or other active dog; will he stay in the basket?
Active breed dogs are well-suited for bicycle riding.  The constant motion, smells, activity, and change of scenery are very exciting for them and they love it!

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Completing Your Purchase

What if I have a separate billing and shipping address?
When checking out, you will first be asked for your billing address. After your credit card information has been verified, you will then have the chance to enter a shipping address that is different from your billing address. To see a picture of the second PayPal page where the shipping address may be entered, click here.

PayPal did not accept my payment information. Why not?
If PayPal is not able to process your order, it is possible that the billing address you entered does not match the address registered for the card. If you have reviewed your address and are certain it is correct but cannot place your order, please call or write Cynthias Twigs for assistance.

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