European Bicycle Basket
European Bicycle Basket
European Bicycle Basket

European Bicycle Basket

The European Bicycle Basket is the highest quality and best designed bike basket on the market today for carrying small to medium dogs and other personal items. It has a collapsible handle and two plastic-covered metal hooks that allow it to slip easily over the handle bars. This unique basket is woven of the highest grade willow with metal reinforcement to give it the strength and durability necessary to carry heavy loads. It comes in 4 sizes, the largest of which can carry a 20 lb. dog. The Medium, Large and XL are out of stock. Only size available is the Small.

 Accessories available for this basket include:

Most of the accessories are made of 100% cotton fabric. The fabric was chosen to compliment the quality and durability of the bicycle basket.

*All European bicycle baskets come in Honey Color, as shown below in the picture of the American basket.


Size Chart
12L x 9W x 7½D
Up to 3 Lb. Dog
Medium (OUT OF STOCK):
14½L x 11W x 10D
Suitable for Up to 10 Lb. Dogs
17L x 14W x 12D
Suitable for 10-20 Lb. Dogs
Extra Large (OUT OF STOCK): 
19L x 14W x 13½D
Suitable for 20+ Lb. Dogs
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